PART I: For drawings, you may use your word-processing drawing tools, graphic applications, or scanned hand drawings and insert them in the main document. 1. Convert the following machine language instructions into assembly language, assuming that they were not generated by pseudo-ops: (a) 92B7DE 2. Convert the following assembly language pseudo-ops into hexadecimal machine language: (a) .BYTE 13 3. Predict the output of the following assembly language program: CHARO 0x0008,d CHARO 0x0007,d STOP .ASCII “is” .END 4. Write an assembly language program that prints your first name on the screen. Use the .ASCII pseudo-op to store the characters at the bottom of your program. Use the CHARO instruction to output the characters. 5. Write an assembly language program that prints your first name on the screen. Use immediate addressing with a character constant to designate the operand of CHARO for each letter of your name. PART II: Write a 2 page research paper (excluding the title page) on assemblers . Explain the concepts discussed in the textbook using at least an example not included in the textbook. Some concepts: Instruction Mnemonics Instruction Specifiers Mnemonic Instruction Addressing Modes Status Bits Pseudo-Operations .ASCII and .END Pseudo-ops Pep8 Assembler Cross Assemblers

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