PROJECT STEPS 1. Carpenter Family Camp operates summer camps for youth as well as families on a lake in Maine situated near the coast. The camp includes activities for families as well as separate activities for adults and children. Optional adventures to nearby attractions are also available. Create a new table in Datasheet View with the following options: a. Rename the default primary key ID field to AdventureID , and then change its data type to Short Text . ( Hint : The AdventureID field should remain the primary key.) b. Change the field size of the AdventureID field to 4 . c. Add a new field with the name AdventureName and the Short Text data type. d. Add another field to the table with the name AdultPrice and the Currency data type. e. Add a fourth field to the table with the name ChildPrice and the Currency data type. f. Save the table using Adventure as the name. 2. With the Adventure table still open in Datasheet View, change the font in the table to Arial Narrow and the font size to 12 pt.

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