DB1. Read the following article. While history has shown that the mistreatment of individuals with disabilities was quite obvious, in today’s society it may not always be overt. To connect our readings in the text regarding sociological aspects of disability with current research, we will be looking at a recent article on microaggressions for the discussion this week.

Gonzales, Davidoff, Nadal, & Yanos (2015) conducted an exploratory analysis by way of focus groups that examined experiences of individuals with mental illness. Five themes of microaggressions were derived: Invalidation, assumption of inferiority, fear of mental illness, shaming of mental illness, and second class citizen.

In your own words, describe what a microaggression is and how an individual can experience microaggressions. Use the article as a guide but include other applicable resources and cite accordingly. Discuss how you may have experienced microaggressions in your life and/or how a client may relate to the experiences discussed in the article. What does this research, and the experiences of others, tell you about how society perceives individuals with disabilities?

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