Appendix A: Argumentative Paper

The argumentative paper makes a claim about a topic and justifies this claim with specific evidence from research. In this instance, you must choose to reject or affirm one of these five motions

  1. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should strengthen its enforcement of environmental laws. (Chapter 12)
  2. The US government should be less involved in encouraging innovation in the economy. (Chapter 13)
  3. Earnings gap by race and gender is mostly due to discrimination. (Chapter 14)
  4. We should discourage immigration into the US because it damages the economy. (Chapter 14)
  5. The government should do more to reduce poverty. (Chapter 15)

For each of the above motions, you can decide to accept or reject the above motions Based on research, develop a case supporting your position on the motion There will be a group discussion component The first discussion will involve reaching a consensus on which of the six issues that you as a group want to research The second discussion will involve researching opposing viewpoints of each issue where you will critique which side was most compelling Together, it will be worth 15 points

The written report must be written individual where you must use a minimum of three sources where at least one of your sources must be one of the following think tanks:

  • The Brookings Institution (wwwbrookedu)
  • Hoover Institute (wwwhooverorg)
  • Center for American Progress (wwwamericanprogressorg)
  • Heritage Foundation (wwwheritageorg)
  • Economic Policy Institute (wwwepiorg)
  • Cato Institute (wwwcatoorg)

The length of the paper must be 2-3 pages and in the APA format Please note that the cover page, abstract and references page should be excluded from the minimum page count This means having a cover page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and references page It will be worth 200 points.

The paper should include a cover page, abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion

Cover Page

It is important to have the proper heading and header on this first page Make sure the heading is centered properly along the middle of the page There should be a header with the page number in the right-hand corner


The abstract should be written after utilizing a page break after the cover page and it should include two parts The first part describes the scope of your paper, which should detail your issue The last part should summarize your position Make sure it complies with the APA format


The introduction is essential as it draws in the interest of the reader Be creative in introducing the topic Explain why this issue is important Then close it with an effective thesis statement that demonstrates the purpose of the paper


The body of the paper should be multiple paragraphs When crafting your argument, you should make three or four compelling points that are persuasive Recommend understanding the fundamental concepts that revolve around issue as discussed in textbook

However, it is discouraged to cite textbook as you should conduct outside research to build your argument. Each point should have its own paragraph.


Think of the conclusion like the closing argument of a lawyer. Find your one or your two best arguments and summarize here. Be persuasive in why the reader should accept your view.


It is very important that you use both internal and external citations. Whenever you are citing a fact or opinion that is not your own, then you should use an internal citation that is formatted in APA format Primarily, you will want to paraphrase rather than use quotes when citing sources However if you do use a quote, make sure that you can attribute it to a specific individual and it should not be longer than two lines Otherwise, you should paraphrase Any sources that you use within the paper should also have an external citation, which is the References page Make sure to use the APA format properly. Use the APA format in listing all sources referencing in paper. Make sure indentation and format is accurate.

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