Write a short essay (500 words) in Microsoft Word about any topic of special interest or major importance for you. For example: A memorable vacation or trip A special family event A person of significance in your life Volunteer work you complete A cause that is important to you Any topic of your choice Write as if you preparing something for a holiday update letter you
would send to family and friends. The purpose of this assignment is to
provide an opportunity for you to practice academic writing on a topic
that is interesting and important. Tips for success: Reflect on the topic before you start writing. Why is the topic important to you? Consider your audience. Make sure there is enough information
that will allow the reader to “walk in your shoes;” to experience the
sights, sounds, and smells of the day or event; and to experience what
you did. Think about how you will organize and express your thoughts. Apply what you have learned about good and effective writing from Intellipath and the textbook. Be sure that your writing is detailed, informative, and grammatically correct. Access the online tutoring service, Smarthinking.

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