This is an ungraded Practice Writing Exercise, but I will review your work and make comments as feedback. Please upload a double-spaced Word document. Don’t use the comments box for exercises or assignments unless I give you permission. Read the following minutes from a business meeting and correct and revise the minutes into a clear and accurate summary written in a professional tone. Add any details or information you think are relevant. Check your textbook for memo examples and use that format, please, when doing your rewrite. This example is intended to be full of irrelevant material, by the way! Minutes from the Cherry Street Consulting Group meeting June 30, 2017 at 9:30 a.m, in the Conference Room at 132 Cherry Street. Members present: Susan Aldredge (President), Martin Grant, Megan Cartwright, Terry Bantam, Ryan Kowalski Members absent: Mandy Vargas Old business: The minutes from the previous meeting a week ago were approved. Reports: 1. Ryan Kowalski insisted on going first as usual and brought up the issue of bringing in new clients. He reported that the existing client base is stable but that the group could accommodate an additional 30% increase based on resources. These resources include manpower for actual consulting and administrative tasks like filing and account management. He looked at everyone at the table and then said how he was open to suggestions. Megan Cartwright looked at Ryan, raised her hand, and when called on, she suggested identifying local businesses who may benefit from services, then approaching them with a document listing services offered. 2. Terry Bantam followed up on his assignment from two weeks ago regarding marketing for the group. He has a contact who may be able to draft some print ads and informative brochures, along with an estimate for creating such documents. Motion was made to ask Terry’s friend for samples. Motion was seconded and passed. New business: 1. Susan Aldredge inquired about the status of acquiring new computers. Martin Grant asked if we were getting laptops or desktop computers. Terry said laptops, if that was OK. Susan said it was OK but wanted to know what kind (what brand). Martin asked how many computers. Terry said the budget would allow for three and he felt PCs would be better than Macs. Terry asked if anyone had preferences of a brand. No one specified. Terry said he would buy Dell laptops unless someone objected. No one objected. 2. Martin Grant asked about the location of the annual retreat, making a joke about last year’s location and how he is allergic to bees. Everyone laughed except Susan. Mandy Vargas was assigned the task of securing a location but since she will now be absent for three months on maternity leave (it’s a girl!), the task of finding a location was reassigned by Susan Aldredge to Terry Bantam. Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m. Next meeting: One week, same time, same place!

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