Imagine that you have been tasked with organizing a short-term car wash fundraiser; the fundraiser event will help offset expenses for a tournament trip for one of the athletic teams. (This event will not be a part of your sport fundraising plan; however, the same organization that is being used for your sport fundraising plan should be used for this assignment). Create a professional PowerPoint presentation that will provide volunteers with relevant information about the organization and will define volunteers’ roles. You are expected to use bullets, images, and the slide notes feature (to elaborate on the information that is present on each slide). Your presentation should be at least five slides in length, not counting the title slide and the reference slide. Include the following in your presentation: Slide 1: The title slide will include the presentation’s title, your name, and the university name. Slide 2: Include the organization’s mission statement. Slide 3: Define the purpose of the event. Slides 4–5: Identify pre-event preparation that needs to take place, and identify the volunteer teams that will be needed for each task. Slide 6: Outline the time commitment that will be needed (e.g., hours, days, weeks, months, schedule). Slide 7: List all references in APA style. Be sure to consider the following as you create your presentation: Your presentation should show originality and inventiveness, and the content and ideas should be presented in a unique and interesting way, demonstrating thorough analysis and development of the topic. The organization of the presentation should result in clarity and present logically arranged points to support the proposed solution. Related ideas should be well-grouped, and transitions between ideas should flow smoothly. All graphics and texts should be appropriate and attractive and support the theme and content of the presentation. Background use should be consistent, appropriate to topic, and not distracting. Your writing should be clear and concise with excellent use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You should use APA format for all of your work. A title page and reference page should be present. Opinions can be included; however, first person should not be used.

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