ead the following quotes from Nersesian (2016): Climate change is the mantra of those who blame carbon dioxide buildup in the atmosphere as a sole source of problems that at times include volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Climate change has been part of Earth’s repertoire for as long as it has existed. There may be other contributors to climate change besides anthropomorphic gases. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge the ultimate unpredictability of climate rather than bet all the chips on a seemingly predictable, but often wrong, oversimplified, deterministic, single variable climate model. Ironically, this book, in looking at fossil fuels as a finite resource and what might be left in a century, concludes along with the global alarmists that reducing carbon dioxide fuels is a desirable course of action—but motivations are far different. (p. 495) Climate change is continual with warming and cooling cycles, and within these cycles weather patterns change significantly. Treating climate change strictly as a twentieth and twenty-first-century phenomenon that started with burning fossil fuels is absurd. (p. 506) Carbon dioxide rising simultaneously with temperature is not a persuasive argument that carbon dioxide is a cause of global warming. To the degree that carbon dioxide lags temperature, then the inference is that carbon dioxide does not cause global warming, but is a consequence of higher temperatures. The mechanism that would cause carbon dioxide to lag a rise in temperatures would be warming oceans giving up some of their carbon dioxide content. Methane seemed to follow temperatures better than carbon dioxide throughout … [the most recent] 160,000-year climate history. (p. 511) Simply put, Nersesian (2016) claims that climate change is not a product of mankind’s use of fossil fuels. Any evidence presented by Nersesian (2016) to either validate or refute his claim. Remember to take into account the credibility of your sources (including Nersesian). 2 pages (not including the References list), stating and defending your conclusion. Title your thread either “I Agree with Nersesian” or “I Disagree with Nersesian.”

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