Example: Dr. Paviov presents a bel right before he feeds his dog. Complete the diagram.

Bell (NS)+Food (Us)Salivation (UR) Bell (CS)Salivation (CR)

1. Miranda notices that her cat scurries into the kitchen as soon as Miranda opens a can of cat food with an electric can opener. Complete the diagram.

_______ (NS)+_____ (US) _______(UR) _______(CR______ (CS)

2. You eat a new food and then get sick because of a flu virus. However, you develop a dislike for the food and feel nauseated whenever you smell it. Fill in the diagram and complete the rest.

_______ (NS)+_____ (US) _______(UR) _______(CR______ (CS)

3. Every time someone flushes a toilet in the apartment building, the shower becomes very hot and causes the person to jump back. Over time, the person begins to jump back automatically after hearing the flush, before the water temperature changes. Complete the diagram

_______ (NS)+_____ (US) _______(UR) _______(CR______ (CS)

4. Your romantic partner always uses the same shampoo. Soon, the smell of that shampoo makes you feel happy. Draw the diagram on your own.

_______ (NS)+_____ (US) _______(UR) _______(CR______ (CS)

5. You watch a commercial that shows a giant golden star and a picture of a big juicy hamburger. diagram on your own Draw.

_______ (NS)+_____ (US) _______(UR) _______(CR______ (CS)

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