1. Scenario: You have been asked by your boss to design a two-hour training program on harassment for a group of predominantly Millennial employees.* Which learning theory would you use to design it and why would you use that one? Describe two or three specific actions would you take to make help employees transfer their learning back to the job.

*For more information, including a definition of Millennial employees, visit this report from the U. S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (2012) and scan down to the Workplace section (about a third of way down); it begins with a Workplace Summary and includes Key Findings.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. (2012, November 12). The Millennial generation research review. Retrieved from https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/reports/millen…

2. Research a learning theory, write a summary of it; and tell us how you would apply it in developing training.

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