review the NIST cybersecurity framework and ISO 270001 certification  process. In a visual format (such as table, diagram, or graphic) briefly  explain the differences, similarities, and intersections between the  two. Then, present the following in 750-1,000 words: A brief description of the NIST Cybersecurity framework A brief description of the ISO 270001 certification process The  number of controls/sub-controls used in the NIST CSF and ISO 270001  certification process framework to support the protections around  computer and cyber forensics An explanation as to why  organizations should seek this framework and/or certification to base  their security program strategy and decisions upon An  explanation as to why ISO 270001 has rapidly become an industry best  practice/standard against which organizations are basing their  cybersecurity programs (including value-add, cost, and pros/cons) Make  sure to reference academic or NIST official publications (most current  year available via the Internet) or other relevant sources published  within the last 5 years.

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