I have done half of the report and I need help in the small part left which is, Result, discussion and conclusion.

I post my report , also I posted a photo of measurement and data with calculation that already answered.

this is the format of the ;ab report i need

  1. Abstract: This is a brief summary (200 words or less) of your experiment. Remember this should be written AFTER you complete the other parts. : What is the scope of the work? (Hints: What did you do? What techniques did you use? What are the outcomes? What comparisons did you make?)
  1. Introduction The purpose of the introduction is to give background information for a general audience so that they understand the experimental work that will be described. You can use your Pre-lab, TopHat, textbook, lecture notes or any other source. Please cite all references accordingly (EXPERIMENT SPECIFIC)

What is the objective of the experiment and why is the experiment important?

Define the key question you are trying to answer?

Describe the key concepts that need to be understood in order to answer the key question.

  1. Instrumentation: List materials and instrumentation used. Remember to use ChemSketch. Copy your ChemSketch figures here.
  1. Experimental: For this section make sure that all experimental details are described. Include all procedures performed in the experiment and techniques used. Make sure that it is written in paragraph form, in the third person and in past tense. (Example: The beaker was weighed using a balance.) Use enough detail so that the procedure can be replicated.

5. Results:

Data Include all graphs, tables and all sample calculations. (Experiment Specific)

Table 1:__________________________________________ (Insert title)

  1. Discussion:

Answer the following in paragraph form:

How does your data relate to answering the key question? What do the results mean? How do they relate to the objectives of the project? To what extent have they resolved the problem?

  1. Review data/results
  2. Compare with literature value, if applicable (are they similar or very different) – Compare results with different trials, if applicable (are they similar or very different) -Compare your results with other group results, if applicable (are they similar or very different) -Look for oddities like violations of conservation of mass (over or under 100% recovery) -Go back to detailed experimental and look for places where error could have occurred.
  3. Explain
  4. Refer to questions asked in the project. Specifically:
  1. Conclusion

Enter one paragraph with 5-6 sentences.

Did I answer the key question? If yes, what did I conclude? If no, what did I conclude? And what other approach/study/experiment should I try?

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