please i need this in 6 hours Chapter 7 Wired and Wireless LAN Purpose To provide you the opportunity to research and illustrate the best practice recommendations for LAN design. Directions Read the following scenario and answer the questions that follow in the discussion board area of class. Provide a thoughtful and informative response to the questions; you should be able to support your recommendations. Be sure to support your ideas with evidence gathered from reading the text or other outside sources. Be sure to give credit to the sources where you find evidence. Use an attribution like “According to the text,” or “According to Computer Weekly website” in your response. Your response should be a minimum of 200 words. Respond to at least one of your classmates’ posting. Your response should at a minimum of 100 words. A response like “I agree” or “Yes, you are correct” does not contribute to a robust discussion. Explain why you agree or disagree; share our own personal experience or knowledge gained from your readings. Submit this assignment in the Discussion Board. Scenario Eureka is a telephone and Internet-based concierge services that specializes in obtaining things that are hard to find (e.g. Super Bowl tickets, first  edition books from the 1500s, Faberge eggs). It currently employs 60 staff members who collectively provide 24-hour coverage (over three shifts). They answer the phones and respond to requests entered on the Eureka! Web site. Much of their work is spent on the phone and on computers searching on the Internet. The company has just leased a new office building and is about to wire it. They have bids from different companies to install (1) 100-Base T network (2) Wi-Fi network What would you recommend? Why? In your proposal, include a diagram of our wired or wireless network. Grading This assignment is worth 50 points. I will grade your responses based on accuracy and completeness. Your initial posting should be at least 200 words and your response to at least one classmate should be at least 100 words. i have attached a picture and its the post you will be responding too with 100 words or you can see below to respond. In the situation of the Mini-case III, the telephone and Internet-based concierge services named Eureka, needs to wire a new office. The company has the choice between a 100Base-T network and a Wi-Fi network. According to me, I would recommend the company to install a 100Base-T network. During this study, I will explain my choice. First of all, my choice of this type of network is related to two main reasons. The first reason is the connection speed. According to the book in Chapter 7 p.188, the 100Base-T network supports data transfer rates up to 100 Mbps. According to Webopedia website, the 100Base-T network is 10 times faster than Ethernet and often referred to as “Fast Ethernet”. It’s important to mention that because Eureka is an internet-based company which employs 60 staff members who work a lot. The employees will need a fast connection to perform their work. However, it could be challenging to use a Wi-Fi network. Even though the wireless network is faster than the wired network, the 100Base-T network will be a better choice in this case because the Wi-Fi network would be overloaded due to the amount of work in the company. Secondly, apart from the connection speed, I chose the 100Base-T network instead of the Wi-Fi network, because of security. We all know that security is very important for telephone and internet-based companies since they have customers’ personal information on file. If Eureka installs a wired network, all personal data will be stored and only the workers will have access to that. However, the Wi-Fi network is less secured. According to Lifewire website, signals from most wireless local area networks pass through exterior walls and into nearby streets or parking lots. In the Eureka situation, insecurity of the connection will be a constraint for the com…

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