Read one of the following chapters in depth according to your last name:

  1. If your last name begins with I-P, discuss Chapter 13: Developing Art Centers

For this discussion, you may write your responses but you are encouraged to create a speaking avatar using Voki. Before recording your voice, you should type your responses to the following questions:

  1. How does this center support infant/toddler growth and development?
  2. Describe the materials you would include in this center.
  3. What special considerations need to be made to ensure that the center is developmentally appropriate and safe for infants/toddlers?
  4. Describe the role of the teacher in the facilitation of this center.

If you are using a Voki, go to the Voki (Links to an external site.) website, create a free account, and get started. Copy and paste the link to your Voki in your discussion response.

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