• In the context of cellular adaptations, injury, and death, how can nurse practitioners apply their knowledge of cellular biology to develop more targeted and effective interventions for managing chronic conditions and preventing disease progression in their patients? Provide personal examples of your experience as a nurse.
  • Given the critical role of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance in maintaining overall health, how can nurse practitioners effectively assess and identify subtle imbalances in their patients? What are the key factors to consider when developing individualized treatment plans?
  • In genetic counseling, how can nurse practitioners help patients and families navigate the complex decision-making process surrounding reproductive choices when there is a known risk of passing on a genetic disease, and what ethical, policy, etc. considerations should be considered?
  • In light of the complex interplay between genetic and epigenetic factors in disease development, how can nurse practitioners collaborate with other healthcare professionals to develop comprehensive care plans that consider the role that DNA and epigenetic modifications play in the pathophysiology of various conditions?
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