Case Study Project (A) Hefty Hardware – Be sure to address each question in the Case study, and explain your rationale thoroughly. Be sure you saved your file with your full name, and title of this project. Example: Jason Karp Case Studies A. Details : You will be given a case study to solve from the textbook. While your responses will vary, properly documenting your response from valid resources is a requirement. This assignment requires you to use proper citations and references from the textbook and alternate sources. Thoughtful opinions/research based on the literature, and from the textbook are necessary, so be sure to review the chapter prior to completing these activities. This task is like a research paper, so please take your time when preparing your responses. Separating each case study with a title and proper formatting is essential so that I can read and follow your paper. A one (1) page response is NOT – NOT going to earn you maximum points. The Case Study response will be submitted on the assigned due date from the past weeks (s ee submission due dates and rubric ) . The Dropbox will close after the due date and late submission will not be accepted. Case study projects are NOT posted on the discussion board, they are submitted as an assignment. Case study  text from text book : MINI CASE Delivering Business Value with IT at Hefty Hardware2 “IT is a pain in the neck,” groused cheryl O’Shea, VP of retail marketing, as she slipped into a seat at the table in the Hefty Hardware executive dining room, next to her colleagues. “It’s all technical mumbo-jumbo when they talk to you and I still don’t know if they have any idea about what we’re trying to accomplish with our Savvy Store program. I keep explaining that we have to improve the customer experience and that we need IT’s help to do this, but they keep talking about infrastructure and bandwidth and technical architecture, which is all their internal stuff and doesn’t relate to what we’re trying to do at all! They have so many processes and reviews that I’m not sure we’ll ever get this project off the ground unless we go outside the company.””You have got that right”, agreed Glen vogel, the COO. ” I really like my IT account manager, Jenny Henderson. She sits in on all our strategy meetings and seems to really understand our business, but that’s about as far as it goes. By the time we get a project going, my staff are all complaining that the IT people don’t even know some of our basic business functions, like how our warehouses operate. It takes so long to deliver any sort of technology to the field, and when it doesn’t work the way we want it to, they just shrug and tell us to add it to the list for the next release! Are we really getting value for all of the millions that we pour into IT?” “Well, I don’t think it’s as bad as you both seem to believe,” added Michelle Wright, the CFO. “My EA sings the praises of the help desk and the new ERP system we put in last year. We can now close the books at month-end in 24 hours. Before that, it took days. And I’ve seen the benchmarking reports on our computer operations. We are in the top quartile for reliability and cost-effectiveness for all our hardware and systems. I don’t think we could get IT any cheaper outside the company.” “You are talking ‘apples and oranges’ here,” said Glen. “On one hand, you’re saying that we’re getting good, cheap, reliable computer operations and value for the money we’re spending here. On the other hand, we don’t feel IT is contributing to creating new business value for Hefty. They’re really two different things.” “Yes, they are,” agreed Cheryl. “I’d even agree with you that they do a pretty good job of keeping our systems functioning and preventing viruses and things. At least we’ve never lost any data like some of our competitors. But I don’t see how they’re contributing to executing our business strategy. And surely in this day and age with increased competition, new techno…

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