Need answers summarized..

Each person in the group had to answer each case questions. I have to summarized everyone answers to each questions. So basically each question has been answered just need answers combined and summarized. Please answer per questions like the group did. I have attached all of the group answers.

Below is the case is needed

Continuing Case Carter Cleaning Company Questions 17-15. Assuming they began by opening just one or two stores in Going Abroad Jack Carter decided to take his first long vacation in years and go to Mex- ico for a month a few years ago. What he found surprised him: He spent 17-16. How would you go about choosing a manager for a new time in Mexico City and was surprised at the dearth of cleaning stores, particularly considering the amount of air pollution. Traveling north, he passed through Juarez, Mexico, and was similarly surprised at the rela- tively few cleaning stores he found there. As he drove back into Texas, 17-17. The cost of living in Mexico is substantially below that of and back toward home, he began to think about whether it would be advisable to consider expanding his chain of stores into Mexico Mexico, what do you see as the main HR-related challenges Jack and Jennifer would have to address? Mexican store if you were Jack or Jennifer? For instance, would you hire someone locally or send someone from one of your existing stores? Why? where Carter is now located: How would you go about de- veloping a pay plan for your new manager if you decided to Aside from the possible economic benefits, he liked what he saw in Mexico. Starting a new business again also appealed to him. I guess entrepreneurship is in my blood, is the way he put it. send an expatriate to Mexico? 17-18. Present a detailed explanation of the factors you would look for in your candidate for expatriate manager to run the stores in Mexico As he drove home to have dinner with Jennifer, he began to for- mulate the questions he would have to ask before deciding whether to expand abroad

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