Write a 4–7-page analysis of your care setting that supports development of a strategic plan and includes both the discovery and dream phases of an appreciative inquiry (AI) project and a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis of the care setting. Note: Each assessment in this course builds on the work you completed in the previous assessment. Therefore, you must complete the assessments in this course in the order in which they are presented. SHOW LESS Identifying analysis techniques for assessing competitive advantage is important for building health care strategy. Sustaining health care competitive advantage requires that leaders understand environmental demands to assist with minimizing weakness and threats from the external environment. This assessment provides you with an opportunity to examine your health care environment to determine whether what is being accomplished in your organization, department, team, community project, or other care setting is making a positive difference. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: Competency 1: Evaluate qualities and skills that promote effective leadership within health care organizations. Analyze the leadership characteristics and skills most desired in the person leading potential performance improvement projects, taking both an appreciative inquiry (AI) and a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) approach. Competency 2: Apply strategies to lead high-performing health care teams to meet organizational quality and safety goals. Synthesize stories and evidence about times when a care setting performed at its best with regard to quality and safety goals. Conduct a SWOT analysis of a care setting, with respect to quality and safety goals. Describe an area of concern identified in a SWOT analysis—relevant to a care setting’s mission, vision, and values—that should be improved. Compare the AI and SWOT approaches to analysis with regard to data gathering and interactions with others. Competency 3: Apply cultural, ethical, and regulatory considerations to leadership decision making. Propose positive, attainable quality and safety improvement goals for a care setting. Competency 5: Communicate with stakeholders and constituencies to build collaborative partnerships and create inclusive work environments. Communicate analyses clearly and in a way that demonstrates professionalism and respect for stakeholders and colleagues. Integrate relevant and credible sources of evidence to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using APA style. Suggested Resources The resources provided here are optional. You may use other resources of your choice to prepare for this assessment; however, you will need to ensure that they are appropriate, credible, and valid. The MSN-FP6210: Leadership and Management for Nurse Executives Library Guide can help direct your research, and the Supplemental Resources and Research Resources, both linked from the left navigation menu in your courseroom, provide additional resources to help support you. Appreciative Inquiry and SWOT MacCoy, D. J. (2014). Appreciative inquiry and evaluation – Getting to what works . The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation , 29 (2), 104–127. Nursing Leadership: Present and Future Needs | Transcript . Appreciative Inquiry: Core Concepts | Transcript . Review the section on the dream stage of appreciative inquiry. Vila Health: Comparing AI and SWOT | Transcript . This media simulation walks you through a scenario within the Vila Health system that will enable you to analyze a situation in a care setting through both AI and SWOT lenses. Vila Health: Appreciative Inquiry or SWOT? | Transcript . This media piece presents various brief scenarios in which either appreciative inquiry or SWOT is the more appropriate approach. TOWS Analysis in Action: Going Beyond…

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