Flow chart the Craps please make the flowchart can i get pdf file or anything i can open on the computer and edit if i want to code //System Libraries #include //Input – Output Library #include //Time for rand #include //Srand to set the seed #include //File I/O #include //Format the output #include //Strings #include //Math functions using namespace std; //Name-space under which system libraries exist //User Libraries //Global Constants const float PERCENT=100.0f;//Conversion to Percent //Function Prototypes char rollDie(int); //Roll the Dice void fileDsp(ofstream &,int [],int [],int,int,int,int); //File Display void scrnDsp(int [],int [],int,int,int,int); //Screen Display void crpGame(int [],int [],int,int &,int &,int &); //Play Craps //Execution begins here int main(int argc, char** argv) { //Set the random number seed srand(static_cast(time(0))); //Declare file and game variables ifstream in; //Input File ofstream out; //Output File int nGames; //Number of games, wins/losses int mxThrw=0,numThrw=0,lmGames=100000000;//Game limiter and Throw statistics const int SIZE=13; //Size of our Arrays int wins[SIZE]={}; //Initializing the win array int losses[SIZE]={}; //Initializing the loss array //Initialize variables string inName=”GameInfo.dat”; //String Name char outName[]=”GameStats.dat”; //Character Array Name in.open(inName.c_str()); //Open the Input file out.open(outName); //Open the Output file while(in>>nGames);//Last value in file becomes the number of games nGames=nGames>lmGames?lmGames:nGames;//Limit games if to high //Play the game the prescribed number of times. int beg=time(0);//Time the game play crpGame(wins,losses,SIZE,nGames,numThrw,mxThrw); int end=time(0);//End time of Game play //Output the game statistics to the screen out<<"Total time to play these Games in integer seconds = "<

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