Your goal is to choose an industry, find the top three or four firms in that industry, and talk about how they use Big Data and Predictive analytics within their firm and across the industry. The topics must include, but should not be limited to, the following. Cover Page Introduction Industry overview Main players in the industry How is the industry doing? Industry life cycle Dying or rising? How are data used industry wide? Where is the industry going? How do they develop the industry? Will the industry continue as it has in the past? Individual Companies Brief (one or two paragraph) history of the company? What data do they gather? Why are those data important to them? How do they gather the data? What results do they see? How do they use the data to achieve a competitive advantage? Have there ever been any data breaches? Do they use outside consultants? When it comes to gathering data, how are they the same as other firms? How are they different? Strategic planning with data What specifically would you do when it comes to data analysis at the companies you mentioned above? Is there anything you would do differently? Is there anything you would keep the same? How will you incorporate data and analysis into your future business decisions? Give clear examples. Conclusion References You may pick any industry you wish as long as it can be researched and is pertinent to business and/or economics. This may seem a bit broad, but it allows for maximum creativity. Some guidelines you may want to follow… Make sure there is sufficient information on the industry. Otherwise you won’t be able to find what you are looking for. In that regard, publicly-traded companies in known industries are your best bet. Understand the topic at hand. If you don’t know what you are talking about, then you won’t do a good job. Develop a good, solid literature review in advance of finding your subject. Go out and find what others are saying. Other guidelines are below. All papers must be in APA format and follow all APA guidelines. 10 TO 12 pages in length. Double Spaced 12-point Times New Roman font. The final paper should have: Cover page in APA format Cover page must have an abstract explaining what the paper is about. 10 to 12 pages of solid content as described below Be succinct in your writing. You are not writing a novel, so avoid verbosity to stretch the word count. Analyze the case. You can bring in outside resources to make your point, but you should stick to the case for most of your content. In-text references in APA format. Works Cited Page in APA format Quizlet, course hero, and similar websites are NOT valid references.

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