If you are looking for something else, email me at archmage@homeworkmarket.com. Question 1 During the ____ phase of the SDLC, a preliminary analysis of requirements is conducted. Answer a.implementation b.planning c.design d.requirements gathering and analysis 2 points Question 2 The ____ approach incorporates varying viewpoints from different functional areas of an organization to help ensure that collected requirements for the application aren’t too narrow and one-dimensional in focus Answer a.JAD b.External c.XP d.Four Ws 2 points Question 3 Integrating ____ into the SDLC process is a good idea to ensure the system’s success. Answer a.intangible benefits b.feasibility checkpoints c.operating costs d.RAD 2 points Question 4 Are there any political repercussions of using the system? is a question that should be considered when assessing ____ feasibility. Answer a.technical b.economic c.operational d.legal 2 points Question 5 ____ users include customers, contractors, suppliers, and other business partners. Answer a.Task force b.External c.Joint d.Internal 2 points Question 6 A ____ helps break down a complex process into simpler, more manageable, and more understandable subprocesses. Answer a.conceptual use model b.flowchart c.data flow diagram d.context diagram 2 points Question 7 During the design phase, the ____ design involves selecting a specific platform such as Dell servers running Ubuntu Linux. Answer a.CASE b.logical c.hardware d.physical 2 points Question 8 A ____ prototype is used to determine a system’s technical feasibility. Answer a.proof-of-concept b.CASE c.selling d.requirements-based 2 points Question 9 In ____ conversion, the old and new systems run simultaneously for a short time to ensure that the new system works correctly. Answer a.pilot b.parallel c.phased-in-phased-out d.plunge 2 points Question 10 ____ divides a project into smaller functions, and developers can’t go on to the next phase until the current phase is finished. Answer a.XP b.RAD c.Agile d.JAD 2 points Question 11 The ____ approach to implementation can save the cost of hiring additional staff and meet the demands for more timely development of information systems projects. Answer a.insourcing b.outsourcing c.self-sourcing d.tempsourcing 2 points Question 12 A(n) ____ system is used to coordinate operations, resources, and decision making between manufacturing, production, marketing, and human resources. Answer a.SCM b.CRM c.Web portal d.ERP 2 points Question 13 In service organizations, the links in the supply chain include ____. Answer a.hardware b.management c.service providers d.software 2 points Question 14 Order transmissions are part of the ____ flow in the SCM. Answer a.information b.product c.finances d.location 2 points Question 15 ____ enables business partners to send and receive information on business transactions. Answer a.EDI b.ERP c.Supply chain d.SCM 2 points Question 16 ____ invite sellers to submit bids for products and services. Answer a.Maintenance, repair, and operations services b.E-marketplaces c.CPFR d.Reverse auctions 2 points Question 17 Transaction data for a CRM system might be gathered using ____. Answer a.a business plan b.grocery store loyalty cards c.a RFID chip d.inventory numbers 2 points Question 18 The main goal of a(n) ____ system is to improve services offered to customers and use customer contact information for targeted marketing. Answer a.SCM b.CPFR c.CRM d.ERP 2 points Question 19 Amazon.com, suggests products you might enjoy, based on your past browsing and purchasing habits; this is an example of ____. Answer a.personalization b.customization c.customer relationship management d.supply chain management 2 points Question 20 ____ searches for specific information or patterns, using input from multiple business partners and data sources. Answer a.Customization b.Knowledge management c.Personalization d.Collaborative filtering 2 points Question 21 ____ is a technique used to improve CR…

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