If you are looking for something else, email me at archmage@homeworkmarket.com. Question 1 An attack by a ____ hacker might not be an actual threat to an organization’s security system. Answer a.wizard b.black hat c.script kiddie d.white hat 2 points Question 2 The McCumber cube defines ____ characteristics of information security. Answer a.twelve b.six c.nine d.three 2 points Question 3 Intentional threats include ____. Answer a.user’s accidental deletion of data b.power outages c.attacks by disgruntled employees d.floods 2 points Question 4 ____ report nonexistent viruses and may cause panic. Answer a.Backdoors b.Virus hoaxes c.Worms d.Trojan programs 2 points Question 5 A ____ is built-in to a system by its designer. Answer a.logic bomb b.backdoor c.virus d.worm 2 points Question 6 A ____ attack is a type of network-based attack. Answer a.denial-of-service b.worm c.logic bomb d.social engineering 2 points Question 7 A ____ attack might make use of Google Maps. Answer a.worm b.social engineering c.denial-of-service d.logic bomb 2 points Question 8 Which of the following is one of the most successful biometric security measure? Answer a.facial recognition b.signature analysis c.vein analysis d.retinal scans 2 points Question 9 A ____ is used to verify whether a user’s access is valid by logging the user off (after he or she attempts to connect to the network) and then calling the user back at a predetermined number. Answer a.callback modem b.telephone recognition system c.firewall d.signature analysis 2 points Question 10 A firewall examines ____ of data. Answer a.signatures b.packets c.bytes d.IDs 2 points Question 11 IDSs are placed ____ a firewall. Answer a.in front of b.behind c.instead of d.on both sides of 2 points Question 12 ____ protects cables from electromagnetic interference (EMI), which could corrupt data or data transmissions. Answer a.Corner bolt covers b.ID packets c.Cable shielding d.Electronic trackers 2 points Question 13 A ____ is the least experienced type of hacker. Answer a.script kiddie b.wizard c.white hat d.black hat 2 points Question 14 ____ are a type of access control. Answer a.Passwords b.Steel encasements c.IDS d.Firewalls 2 points Question 15 ____ ensures data security and integrity over public networks, such as the Internet. Answer a.TLS b.SE c.ASE d.SSL 2 points Question 16 In ____ encryption, the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt the message. Answer a.nonrepudiation b.asymmetric c.symmetric d.TLS 2 points Question 17 ____ attacks are more typical in large companies. Answer a.DoS (Denial of Service) b.Virus hoax c.Server malware d.Client malware 2 points Question 18 ____ is/are a primary activity in the value chain. Answer a.Procurement b.Human resource management c.Operations d.Organizational infrastructure 2 points Question 19 Using the ____ model brings sellers and buyers together on the Web and collects commissions on transactions between these parties. Answer a.brokerage b.merchant c.mixed d.advertising 2 points Question 20 Bizrate.com is an example of the informediary model of e-commerce. Answer True False 2 points Question 21 ____ is a pure-play company. Answer a.Amazon.com b.BarnesandNoble.com c.Gap.com d.Walmart.com 2 points Question 22 ____ is a site that facilitates C2C e-commerce. Answer a.eBay b.Amazon c.Walmart d.Gap 2 points Question 23 Online classified Web sites such as Craigslist.org provide an example of consumer-to-business e-commerce. Answer True False 2 points Question 24 A ____ generates revenue from the fees charged for matching buyers and sellers. Answer a.buyer-side marketplace b.seller-side marketplace c.trading partner agreement d.third-party exchange marketplace 2 points Question 25 ____ aim(s) at increasing a Web site’s performance on search engines in a natural (and free) fashion. Answer a.XML (Extensible Markup Language) b.SEO (Search Engine Optimization c.Meta tagging d.Micropayments 2 points Question 26 Which of the following is not an adva…

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