1. Report (2,500 words) Based on the instructions from the MD, you are to prepare a report that outlines the major stages and variables of Business Relationship development (BRD). Your report should ideally include the following: 1. An introduction that details the purpose of the report. 2. A review of the various stages through which a business relationship of this type is likely to progress, and your objectives at each stage. 3. A discussion of cultural dynamics and its role in facilitating a good business relationship. 4. The linguistic requirements necessary (in Romania) for the establishment and maintenance of the relationship over the long term. 5. A review of related theory associated with business development within the context of sourcing a new supplier overseas. Your work must be correctly referenced throughout in the Harvard format. You are expected to include in your discussion relevant references from academic sources. Journalistic, public policy and publicly available commercial literature / sources may also enrich the assignment. You must be within the designated word counts by +/-10%. Your assignment should be word processed and produced in an appropriate business style. The font should be 12, and be double spaced. The work must be completed on an individual basis. This assignment is worth 50% of the module.

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