Assignment #2 – Chapters 3 & 4 After reading both chapters you will compare the “pedagogy of poverty” to Haberman’s good teaching discussion which starts on page 103. Please, use the numbering I’ve provided and follow directions. How are they different? Write one paragraph in your own words (paraphrase) about the “pedagogy of poverty” and one paragraph describing good teaching. (3 points each) Think about what you read. Summarize it in your head or in a rough draft for yourself. If you copy straight from the book you will lose points. I want you to synthesize about what you have read and put it into your own words. A skill many freshman have not yet developed, and a skill you will need throughout your education and life, actually. 2. How does a school practicing the “pedagogy of poverty” enhance the “manifestation of racism and discrimination in schools”? (page 54) (9 points) 3.How does Haberman’s ideas for good teaching help school climates to be more inclusive? (page 105) (10 points)

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