Take one example of contemporary immigration (news, films, policies, etc.) and analyze its sociological significance according to the different theories explaining immigration. Which of the major theories of im/migration best explain your particular contemporary immigration issue? Be creative in your write-up!

  • Catchy title: blog title should signal both the topic and claim that you want to make about immigration issues. For example, if your blog post will be about how immigration and death on the U.S. Mexico border, you might want to craft a title such as “Immigration and Necro-Borders.” Use strong language, alliteration, and other literary tactics. The title should be short yet poignant.
  • Captivating introduction: hypothetically, your potential readers will have endless options in the blogosphere. As a result, you must draw your reader immediately in the first paragraph before they click away. The introduction should include a controversial framing or staggering facts/figures that will elicit intrigue in your potential reader.
  • Organize your content: Since the average blog reader spends about 3-4 minutes reading an entry, your content must be organized in a way that does not overwhelm or intimidate your reader. Content organization can take multiple forms—subsections, lists, bullet points, etc.
  • Hyperlinks: to make your points more vivid, include hyperlinks to YouTube videos, news articles, and other media sources on the internet.
  • Visuals: include at least one image in your blog entry.
  • Formatting: No one likes an ugly blog post. Make sure your paragraphs, subsections, bullet points, and pictures are visually appealing.

must be 1 page without the images and or other things like videos or memes or hyper links (PLEASE INCLUDE THESE ON A SEPARATE PAGE)

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