Medical Terminology class:

Chose a disease or injury that is covered in this chapter. Consider how this condition affects the body. What challenges might face an individual who is living with this diagnosis? Imagine yourself in your future career as a sonographer and this individual is your patient. What special considerations might you take when interacting with them? See ppt attached. Power point chapter 4.

Math class:

hMathematics is all about relations and observations. It truly depends on your perspective. The difference could be small or it can be a GOOGOL (if you don’t know research it), even infinite. Will we be considering ratios and proportions in this discussion focusing more on Ratios. Ratios are a form rate comparison, detailing the frequency of 2 or more quantities. Using your phone(Computer or TV). Depict the ratios that you use the apps on your phone and analyze how they help you succeed and which ones you could limit yourself on. You must have 3 ratios for credit, for example:

Email : Instagram 1: 5

Youtube : FB 8:1

Bible App : Robinhood 1:1

Then in 1 paragraph detail why this helps you succeed or what you need to change .

Just answer question 1, and 2. Short answer, no work cited. Each answer half page. Total one page, this is weekly discussion post answer.

BIO 100 question, just one page. Answer 1,2,3, and replay one student see word doc.

  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form

1. Have you ever broken a bone? Which bone was it? What type of fracture was it?

2. If you haven’t broken a bone, what are some ways we can strengthen bones?

3. Bones are constantly remodeled as we age. What happens to bones during the aging process? How can we best prevent this?

You are also reply to posts made by your classmates:

1. Do you agree/ disagree with what they said? Why?

2. Can you contribute more information to their initial post?

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