Key words : Big Data, Healthcare, IOT (Bluetooth and wifi)

Use 6 to 7 journal articles as reference add citations were required. Paper should focus on explaining the content from the cited articles

* APA Format article with NO Plagiarism

Total 15 pages

Table of Content

1. Introduction – “So What”, frames the purpose of the work (2-3 pages)

2. Literature Review – All peer-reviewed articles build on and add to the body of knowledge(3-5 pages)

Peer-reviewed Journals

MIS Quarterly, IEEE (various), Elsevier, Springer


Conference Presentations (peer reviewed)

Often soon become journal articles

Library Databases

Google Scholar

3. Methodological Discussion (including any theoretical basis)(2 pages)

4. Findings – This is where the facts are explained, but not the implications(1-2 Pages)

5. Discussion – Implications for practice, and recommendations for future research (2-3 pages)

6. Conclusion (1 page)

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