Please use ONLY the attached documents and not material from the web or the any other databases.


The Questions:


Question One (see attached Catherine C. Lewis. (1995). Educating Hearts and Minds. (New York- Cambridge Press.) Chapter 2- the Preschool Experience- Play Community Reflection pp.pdf):

Why do Japanese preschools have 50% free, unsupervised, unstructured play? Please define free play and explain what it does for children. Two or more paragraphs.


Question Two (see attached Procedural Memory – Lecture Notes):

What is procedural memory? Please define it and explain why it matters to adolescents and parents? Two or more paragraphs.


Question Three (see attached “The Amazing Teen Brain – Week 6):

What is the gap that Giedd discusses in his article “The Amazing Teen Brain” (see attached “The Amazing Teen Brain – Week 6) and why does this gap matter to parents and teens? (Two or three paragraphs.)


Question Four:

Please read and analyze the following essay to determine the parenting style of the mother in the essay. Please also discuss the effects of this upbringing on the essay writer. Be sure to use evidence from class readings and from the essay to justify your choice of a parenting style. One page, double-spaced, will do for this answer and for your reason for choosing the parenting style you chose. Finally, please choose a single parenting style, not several!

Here is a reminder to help you with parenting types…I hate to take points off for this common error: Authoritarian parenting ends with the letter “n” which stands for “no!” or “Never!” (That is, no good, no explanations given, my way or the highway, corporal punishment.) Authoritative parenting ends with the letter “e” which stands for “excellent.” That is excellent democratic parenting.) That should help you keep on track in your essay. I haven’t been able to find another way to remember these terms accurately.

Here is the essay:

I grew up in a small town on the west coast. My parents had three children including myself. I would define my childhood as normal but now looking back on it I would say we were very far from normal. I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints “Mormon”. I think normally when someone states they were raised in a certain faith we don’t think much about it. Being raised like I was made me feel very different. If I did or said something mean or what was thought to be against the church’s doctrine my parents would say that it is the adversary influencing me and that I am contentious. They would say this all the time for everything I did as a child or teenager. No alcohol, smoking, and caffeine in our house. Not that as a child I would be smoking and drinking much. To reinforce the fact that we didn’t do that stuff my parents would see someone smoking or drinking and point out to my siblings or myself how wrong that is. They were always judging! I wouldn’t realize this until years later. Other restrictions I lived with were that girls under no circumstances were allowed to call my house ever. I could call them at times and frequently after the age of 16 years old.

The closest I came to dating before 16 was at 14 years old the church would put on church dances for the youth 14 years and older once a month. What this did for me in Junior High School was make it where I stood out as really different. I was embarrassed by my parents but not in the normal way that children are. For example my mother would make it known and be very vocal around my friends that girls could not call me or that we did not drink…etc. My parents, especially my mother took pride in being very vocal about our lifestyle to my friends and their parents.

Obviously, with them doing this I began to get teased and bullied at school. My parents noticed this and would quote scriptures and tell me its okay to be different. In junior high school the bullying got really bad. Things like pulling my shorts down during gym class and then making fun of my genitals. I was so embarrassed and knew my parents would just quote scriptures to me so I just kept it to myself. The threat of being beat up at least a few times a month was always there. I had friends but most of them were not Mormon and didn’t really say anything about what was happening to me. I got into High School and I noticed the bullying slowed up mainly because the school was so big I could get lost in the crowd and not see many of those same kids. I started to question Mormonism, mostly because I was forced to go to what was called seminary “Sunday school during the week”. This was done Monday-Friday at 6 a.m. My parents would rebut my statements with how my questions are exactly what the devil wanted, or I’m ungrateful and need to pray more.

I met a Mormon girl that I started dating from the church dances. We dated off and on until about my junior year of High School. I met a girl soon after that was not Mormon and eventually as most 17 year olds got curious and started exploring each other. My parents were oblivious to this. We started having sex in my senior year until we broke up midway through my senior year. My parents had expectations of my going on a 2-year mission after I graduated. I knew I needed to be free from sins to do this so I went to the church leadership and told him of my mistakes and was told I could not take the bread and water in the general church meetings. I knew if I did not that people would know I did something that would account for this, especially my parents. Oddly enough my parents never questioned why. I imagine they were told and that I was doing what needed to be done to be able to go on a mission.

In the spring of my senior year I met another non-Mormon girl my parents didn’t really approve of. We quickly became sexually active while we dated through into the fall. After graduation and nearly ready to be called on to go on a mission this girl I was dating realized she was pregnant. I immediately went to my parents with this news and my mother broke down crying saying I had ruined my life. My dad didn’t say much, and just listened. After hours of the back and forth and my mother crying they recommended adoption first. The girl was at my house and did not tell her parents. She was enrolled in college a few hours away. She told my parents that would be for the best and she would have the baby and put it up for adoption. I offered to marry her and join the trades like my father to support her. After we left my parents house she broke up with me and said she was aborting the baby. This was devastating news for me. I cried for weeks. My parents pulled me aside and said it was her decision. My dad hired me as a labor for the company he worked for. Once I made enough money he told me to give it to the girl. He also told me to tell her if she changes her mind to let me know and we would support her. She never did.

My parents never spoke of this again and literally drove me to a recruiter’s office to join the Armed Forces. For years even after I married I thought I was pretty much a failure to my parents. Until my sister found out that my mother had gotten pregnant in high school and had the baby and gave it up for adoption. This information wasn’t found out until all us children were adults. When my mother was confronted about it she was very upset and said if it had been up to her she would have never told us. I left the Mormon Church. I resented my mother for never bringing this up to me when I was going through something similar. Because, I could never talk to her about it I don’t really know how her parents acted about it. They all seemed to have a good relationship and must have supported her in some way as she had the baby and gave it up for adoption, managing to still graduate. My grandmother has passed and I’m not close with my grandfather.

Discipline in my house when I was younger were spankings, corner, and as I grew older grounding. None of this really affected me. The lack of communication on real things like my incident and my mothers did, however affect me.

Length and Format of the essay: Your essay should be one and a half pages long. Double spaced APA Format.


End of exam questions.

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