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“The Brain’s Role in Family Values”

Following Lakoff’s mapping of the two family metaphors, discuss how this chapter helps you make sense of the stark divisions between the two major political parties in our country. Offer any examples that help confirm the metaphors Lakoff outlines in his text (Democrat, Republican, or both).

Bonus Questions:

Why does Trump, against many contradictions to their actual values, appeal to so many Republican voters?

Likewise, why are Democrats so fractured in assembling a strong candidate (or exciting campaigns) against Trump?

Reply posts can be shorter – around 100 words

When reading the assigned excerpt of “What Unites Us”, by Dan Rather, one picks up on a great distinction between “patriotism” and “nationalism”. It is important to draw a distinction between the two because they have different representations of love for the country. “Nationalism” being a more competitive love, comparing one’s country to others, while “patriotism” is a more personal and deeply rooted love about the country, wanting the best for fellow citizens and figuring out how the nation can continue to grow and thrive. Rather states, “Patriotism is rooted in humility. Nationalism is rooted in arrogance.” He continues to argue how nationalism, when out of hand, can lead to disagreements and war with people and other countries. While on the other hand, patriotism can lead to improvements in society and a change for the better. Moving on, I believe that “active, constructive patriotism” looks like the many movements our nation has been having. All of the marches that have been taking place and the time people have taken to listen to the oppressed are perfect examples of this new type of patriotism. Patriotism takes time and knowledge. It takes work and allows us to be fixers of a nation that needs improving.

I see barriers in our society such as the closed mindedness of most people, the influence of opinion, and I think that politicians are a huge problem. Most politicians just say certain things for votes and to get into office but do not actually know about the issues they are talking about. Politicians are just in it for the votes and once they get into office, issues aren’t actually addressed and dealt with. Also, nationalism is used as a political tool because lots of people have a powerful love for their country and when they see someone that upholds the same values, they tend to support that candidate. These politicians know that and use that to their advantages.

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