Assignment : Seasonal Production

Intro to Ocean Sci.: Ch. 12 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (pp 293-297)

Download Figures 1-4 (Links to an external site.) to answer questions 1-5.

  1. According to Figure 2 (page 2), identify which latitudes have the highest and lowest chlorophyll levels. Explain how these levels correspond to SST values (sea surface temperature, Fig. 1; page 1).
  2. In Figure 2, compare chlorophyll levels at coastal areas to open ocean chlorophyll levels in the North Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
  3. Explain why chorophyll levels (primary production) at low latitudes likely do not change throughout the year (seasons). Identify any limiting factors for primary production.
  4. Describe how chlorophyll levels (primary production) changes at high latitudes throughout the year (seasons). Identify any limiting factors for primary production.
  5. According to Figure 3 and 4 (pages 3-4), which season(s) is chlorophyll levels (primary production) highest at mid-latitudes? Explain which physical conditions are present during that season that help create high chlorophyll levels.
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