So, I have started this research log. There are certain requirements that will be on the final project attachment. In this log you will need to add 6 more research sources and look over the past ones to see if they are fit for the certain requirements that are needed. All sources MUST be in APA format and you will use my schools research database that I will provide once I have accepted a tutor.


Research Log (minimum 12 sources): 30 points

This is your final log from all the searches you did for class activities from Weeks 3-7, plus additional searching on your topic. It should include your final 8 sources as well as others you have considered.

Don’t forget about the source requirements in the final annotated bibliography.

This log should demonstrate evidence of learning all the strategies and tools we have practiced using in this class. It should contain a wide variety of sources, as well as a variety of search tools & strategies used to find these sources. Each entry should contain all the elements: date of search, APA citation, search tool used, search strategy, link to source (working link – for databases please use “permalink” or “permanent URL” or “stable URL” to be sure that I can follow it back to your source), and your notes/evaluation and any quotes you plan to use. Notes & quotes must be clearly indicated as such.



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