The predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling constructs in educational diagnosis and evaluation (PRECEDE), along with the policy, regulatory, and organizational constructs in educational and environmental development (PROCEED) form the PRECEDE-PROCEED model. This is the most widely used planning model in health promotion and health education. The model has grown from the original five-phase planning model to a comprehensive planning and evaluation process. For this assignment, you will focus on a single phase of the model: the educational and ecological assessment. From among the following health behaviors, select one that you would like to focus on: Unprotected intercourse among teens Poor medication compliance Overexposure to the sun Using the readings for this week and the Internet, write a 2–3-page paper. Cover the following: Describe, in brief, the health behavior you selected. Discuss why this behavior is problematic. Identify two to three predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling (PRE) factors for the health behavior using empirical support. Explain how you derived these factors. Discuss possible interventions based on the PRE factors. Submit your response in a 2–3-page Microsoft Word document Utilize at least three scholarly journal articles for examples and support. Cite all sources using the APA format. Make sure all references are cited in APA format. References should be current at least within the last 5 years. Remember that references should be used to support your peer responses. Evaluation Criteria: The students should have: Selected and described a health behavior from the options given. Explained why this health behavior is problematic. Identified two to three predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors (PRE) for the health behavior, using empirical support. Explained how they derived these factors. Discussed possible interventions based on the PRE factors selected. Justified their answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

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