Answer the following questions in a thorough manner. Your responses must be typed (Word document, 1” margins, 12pt Times Roman, double spaced) and submitted on Blackboard.You will be evaluated on the quality and accuracy of your responses. Follow the Guidelines for Writing Assignments. Points may be deducted if the guidelines are not followed. Make sure that you answer all parts of each question.

Parts #2 & #3 represent a situation that could happen to you. You should respond in first person (e.g., I had trouble recalling answers because… One of the things that I could do to improve my memory would be to…)


Define explicit and implicit memory and provide an example of each. Explain where explicit and implicit memories are stored in the brain, and the possible implications of these locations for amnesia victims. (50 points)


Although you studied hard for your psychology final exam, during the exam you are feeling frustrated and irritable because you can’t recall the answer to a series of fairly easy factual questions. Explain at least two potential causes of your forgetting.

(20 points)


Explain three techniques to improve memory that are discussed in the textbook. Describe exactly how you can use those three memory techniques to improve your recall of the material that you study in the textbook. (30 points)

Approximately 2 double-spaced pages (400 words)

In the upper left hand corner of the first page of your assignment type (single-spaced):

Your Name

Introductory Psychology

Assignment 3


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