Homework 6 (Chapter 11 and Chapter 12)

  • Show that EWMA smoothing is equivalent to an ARIMA{O, 1,1) model with no constant, as described in Chapter 8, “Advanced Analytica l Theory and Methods: Time Series Analysis.”
  • Develop and test a user-defined aggregate to calculate n factorial {n!), where n is an integer.
  • From a SQL table or query, randomly select 10% of the rows. Hint: Most SQL implementations have a random() function that provides a uniform random number between 0 and 1.
  • Discuss possible reasons to randomly sample records from a SQL table.
  • Describe four common deliverables for an analytics project.
  • What is the focus of a presentation for a project sponsor?
  • Give examples of appropriate charts to create in a presentation for other data analysts and data scientists as part of a final presentation. Explain why the charts are appropriate to show each audience.
  • Explain what types of graphs would be appropriate to show data changing over time and why.
  • As part of operationalizing an analytics project, which deliverable would you expect to provide to a Business Intelligence analyst?
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