MIS 7610 Systems Analysis and Design

Week 4

Use Case Diagramming Assignment

Due: Sunday no later than 11:59pm. Assignment Details:

This assignment is to be completed individually, not with your project team. For this assignment you will create two separate sets of Use Case Diagrams; (1) for the University Registration System, and (2) for the Library Borrowing System.

Note: Your book uses a template/table form for the development of Use Case Diagrams. If you are more familiar with using a UML format for diagramming, please feel free to complete your diagram in UML format. If you opt for the UML format, be sure to include a written description of the assumptions, boundaries, etc.

Use Case Diagramming General Information

Use case diagrams are used to summarize who uses your application or system, and what they do with the system when they use it.

These diagrams summarize the relationships between cases, actors, and systems, and focus on the functional requirements of a system. A description should be provided that describes the terms related to the domain in which the system works (i.e, as Sales, Menu, Customer, etc.). It is important to define these terms and their relationships clearly. It is also important to clearly state any assumptions you have about each of the two systems. You will want to include your assumptions about the boundaries of each of the systems so that it is clear to the person reading your diagrams what should be included in the system and what is considered outside of the system.

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