Article Review Instructions During this course, you will complete an Article Review. You will read the website link “ TV, Audio, & Technology—Hurting or Helping Literacy? ” provided to you in the Module/Week 3 Reading & Study folder. Your review must include a title page, summary, reflection, brochure choice, and reference page. The paper must be double-spaced, using headings to organize your review. You may use first person in the reflection. A grading rubric is provided to ensure you follow the expectations. Title Page Your title page must include your name, date, course, and section (centered, double-spaced). You will also include a header with the running head flush left and the page number flush right. It must be an abbreviated title in all caps and must not exceed 50 characters. Each page, including your title page, must have a header, but only the title page will include the words “Running head” in the header. In Microsoft Word, click Insert and then Header. Summary Your summary must be on a new page and say “Summary” at the top center of Page 2 in plain text. This section of the paper must be 250–300 words and include general information about BOTH pages of the article. Reflection Your reflection must be on a new page and say “Reflection” at the top center of Page 3 in plain text. This section of the paper must be 250–300 words and include a reflection on how you would apply the content of the article to your own classroom. Brochures Your brochure choice must be on a new page and say “Brochures” at the top center of Page 4 in plain text. This section of the paper must be 250–300 words. Using the tan box at the bottom of the article, click on the link about Trelease Brochures and choose 2 that you would print out and give to parents. Make sure you include why you would use the 2 you chose, what information you learned, and why you feel it is beneficial to use with your students’ parents. In-text citations In-text citations are vital for your paper. You will need to cite any and all information or ideas that are not your own. “If you directly quote, you will need quotation marks along with the page number at the end of the citation” (Gibson, 2010, p. 123). If you summarize a reference, then you do not need to include the page number at the end of the citation (Gibson & Stevenson, 2010). Both of the previous sentences are examples to help you correctly cite information. Be careful not to overuse quotes, as this is a form of plagiarism. Reference Page Make sure that your reference page says “Reference(s)” in the center, with plain text at the top of your reference page. You must cite everything referenced in the Article Review including the actual article and brochures. The references must be in alphabetical order with hanging indentions. In Microsoft Word, you can highlight your reference, right-click and click Paragraph , then in the Indention section of the box that opens, click Special and then select Hanging . Be sure that your references are in current APA format and include where you obtained your reference from if it was obtained online. See the example below: Jonas, K., & Bromer, P. (1997). Effects of attitudinal ambivalence on information processing and attitude-intention consistency. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology , 33 ¸190–21. Doi:10.1006/jesp.1996.1317 This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 3.

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