Journal Topic:

Considering Egyptian architecture, discuss the various forms used by Egyptians for funerary purposes.

Instructions: Be sure to review the rubric below before working on your journal entry.

This journal topic aligns with Course Objective 1: Identify the nature of art and creativity.

This journal topic aligns with Chapter 1- Objective 2: Define creativity and identify how it may be used by the trained and untrained artist.

Journal Grading Rubric
Content Question was not answered at all or was missing most of the information needed to cover the question or topic

0 Points

Question was answered but was missing some important information needed to cover the question or topic

4 Points

Question was answered completely covering most important aspects of the question or topic

8 Points

Length Answer was less than 200 words

1 Point

Answer was 200 to 299 words

5 Points

Answer is a minimum of 300 words

7 Points

Cited, External Source Answer did not use an external source (source was not cited)

0 Points

Answer used an external source, but the source was not cited

2 Points

Answer used one external source, and the source was cited at the bottom of the post using a minimum of the title, author, and web link (if available)

3 Points

Grammar and Spelling Answer had four or more grammar or spelling errors

1 Point

Answer had 3 or fewer grammar and spelling errors

2 Points

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