Part 1)

response should be a full paragraph of 8-10 sentences with an image example that is included by pasting, linking, or supplying the text page number. If outside sources are utilized, please cite your sources. Image is attached with page number and chapter

Janson’s Basic History of Western Art

Chapter 26 & Chapter 27

Discuss the symbolism in a work from Chapter 26 or 27. What do you think the artist was trying to express and what symbols did he/she use to convey that message?

Reference Roberts, Ann S. Janson’s. Basic History of Western Art. 9th edu.

Part 2)

Also respond to this post.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was one of the most noteworthy work of twentieth century. The best work of cubism painting. The absolute first time the thought of cubic painting was utilized in this image. This progressive work took practically a large portion of a year to be as perfect as it could be. This was One of the best painting on the canvas which has set up Pablo aa Picasso. In spite of the fact that this was made in 1907 it was not brought into the open not after 1916. In this image ladies have secured most piece of the depiction in 5 unique stances. This is essentially an image of a brothel on the Avignon. All ladies in picture are the prostitutes of Barcelona. Intriguing piece of this image is the body of these ladies are molded as a broken glass which in itself contains a shrewd and engaging significance. Despite the fact that he was admiring a new concept of beauty with intensity it was shown with intensity and has shown with intense reality.

Reference: Roberts, A. S. Janson’s Basic History of Western Art.

Your response should also be well developed, fully explaining your response to the post and including an additional image example. Make responses that add to the conversation and take it further.

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