Your essay needs to explain and analyze how the elements of argument work together throughout the essay AND how those elements engage with the practical reasoning process of the audience. To talk about practical reasoning of the audience, you’ll need to identify some of MLK Jr’s as well. You will need to examine/analyze his letter/argument overall, as a whole—not just one section. In order to do that, you will be analyzing specific quotes or sections of the text to prove your points about the overall letter (because analyzing each and everything is obviously impossible). For example, you need to identify the instances of pathos, ethos, and logos in the letter (no you don’t have to point out each one; just the ones that are the best examples for your claim), prove/explain why/how those are instances of pathos/ethos/logos, and then tell me why/how he uses them the way he does (i.e. what are the implications? How/why does it impact his argument in that section and in his overall argument? So what?) The answers to that how and why will then help you explain how/why it interacts with the practical reasoning of the audience. Keep in mind that practical reasoning is present in the overarching arguments and each claim made to support that overall argument.

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