Need an essay done, it is 3 pages double spaced, and has to be 750 words. I need it by 10pm by tonight. The prompt is down below

For this essay, you will consider the concept of race as it is addressed in your textbook (helpful hint: check the index to revisit the issue where it has so far been discussed). In essay format (Links to an external site.), answer the following questions.

How does the concept of race relate to the principles of evolution? To answer this question, consider how clines differ from the concept of race. How does the article “Skin Deep” (Jablonski and Chaplin) support the idea of clinal variation?

Next, consider the written PBS NOVA debate, “Does Race Exist?” (Links to an external site.)After reading both sides of the debate, determine your own stance, and support your position by citing specific examples from your readings. You may (but are not required to) include supplemental scholarly material in support of your argument, but you must generate a works cited list if you opt to include your own resources.

Something to consider/discuss for this second part of your essay:

As the NOVA debate touches upon (particularly in the pro race section), race, whether biologically valid or invalid, is a culturally meaningful concept, at least in the Unites States. For example, there may be no valid basis for racially

differentiating between a light skinned and dark skinned person, but, for historical and political reasons, the color of one’s skin may have serious social implications (e.g., a dark skinned person may face greater economic challenges

than someone who is light skinned because of racially connected social inequities that have long been infused in our political and social system).

Ask yourself, while choosing your position on this controversial topic: Does discounting race as a biologically valid concept necessarily eliminate any possibility for discussing race as a social reality?

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