This essay exam is intended to test your ability to integrate concepts and examples from the readings, lectures, team assignments and analysis assignments from the entire class. It should be at least 600 words in length. For the essay, you will describe an ethnographic research project you would like to do. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THE RESEARCH. Just describe the research project, addressing the various questions listed below.
If you want to refer to readings, videos, or my lectures from class, you do not need to include full citations, as long as you make it clear where the information is coming from. Thus, you could write “in Veiled Sentiments, this happened” or “Cepek describes….” PLEASE include page numbers if you are quoting something or citing a specific example from the books (or you will have points deducted). You do not need to use materials from outside the course, but if you do, you should cite them fully. The assignment is worth 100 points.

1. Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph that briefly describes a cultural group that has suffered from some sort of structural or symbolic violence (review the Symbolic Violence lecture in Lesson 13). Explain what type (or types) of violence you believe they have suffered, and how you think that ethnographic research and writing on the group you have selected could help us to understand this type of violence better. You do not need to check your topic with me. (25 points).

2. Then, briefly describe how you would go about your study (your methods). Where would you live? Whom would you try to get to know? Make sure your project would meet most or all of Malinowski’s ideas about good ethnographic research (if necessary, go back to the lecture on Ethnographic Methods in Lesson 1 to remember!) (20 points)

3. Then, briefly discuss whether the research you are describing would be considered ethical by the American Anthropological Association, with specific references to that Associaton’s Code of Ethics (see lecture called “Anthropology and Social Activism” in Lesson 14). (20 points).

4. Then, discuss how who you are — particularly your “habitus” (listen to the lecture in Lesson 14 to better understand this term) — and your attitude toward this cultural group are likely to affect the type of research you can conduct. For example, you could answer these specific questions as part of your response: in what ways are you similar and dissimilar from the group you wish to study, and how might that effect who will trust you enough to be honest with you? Are you a “native anthropologist” or “halfie,” like Abu-Lughod (see lecture on Native Anthropologists in Lesson 12)? Would you take an activist stance on your issue, as Robin Sheriff and Seth Holmes did, or would you try to remain neutral and non-judgmental, and why? (25 points)

5. Finally, 10 points will be used to grade your delivery – grammar, proper length, and overall readability.

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