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******Question 3 must be APA format and i have attached the GRADING RUBRIC. *************

Question 1:

Follow both of the following links and read the brief articles. In the first article: General Motors Misled Grieving Families on a Lethal Flaw (Links to an external site.), identify the key ethical issues and the accountability issues from an OD point of view. In the second article: Mary Barra Returns (Links to an external site.), describe the challenges ahead of Mary Barra. Respond to two classmates’ posts.

Student Reply 1: Laura Lawson

Ethics are a significant concern not only for individuals but companies as well. As Stout (2014) advises, General Motors faced a substantial breach of ethics in regards to their Chevrolet Cobalts and a faulty ignition switch. The engine switch defect was identified in 2009, though the issues were disclosed to the public via recalls until years later. There are both ethical and legal concerns with the fact that they knew of this flaw before accidents had occurred, maintained there wasn’t enough evidence to support lawsuits, threated families who raised legal concerns, completed settlements which included gag orders and did not disclose the issue in bankruptcy paperwork which shielded them from liability. From an organizational development consultant’s point of view, this goes against not only legal concerns but also the social and ethical concerns of being responsible for professional competence and considering consequences for actions. The situation with General Motors is an example of how conducting business can be unethical. Maynard (2014) points out that Mary Barra, the chief executive of GM, will have to face many questions regarding hot only how GM’s behavior and culture supported this situation to escalate to the degree it did, but also how GM plans to change going forward as a company.

Maynard, M. (2014, June 17). As Mary Barra Returns To D.C., Can GM’s Culture Really Change? (Links to an external site.)Forbes. Retrieved from…

Stout, H., Vlassic, B., Ivory, D., & Ruiz, R. (2014, March 24). General Motors Misled Grieving Families on a Lethal Flaw (Links to an external site.) The New York Times. Retrieved from…

Student Reply 2: Robert Beckley

When General Motors Corporation discovered there a faulty component of several makes of vehicles, which resulted in multiple crashes and deaths, they did not approach the resulting fall out in a way that an Organizational Development Consultant would deem positive (Stout, Vlasic, Ivory & Ruiz, 2014). Instead of acknowledging and investigating the defect, they began a campaign of denial and aggressive behavior towards those who lost family members to accidents tied to the faulty mechanism. As an organizational development consultant, it is a best practice to advise a client or company to acknowledge an issue and keep those stakeholders informed of findings along the way. Using this approach helps ensure there is peace of mind, and the problem is being worked on for those directly involved.

As the CEO of GM went to Washington to be interviewed, she carried with her the negative baggage of public and political, which point to corruption and greed in the halls of GM (Maynard, 2014). As an ODC, my advise to her would be one of transparency and to acknowledge and admonish the bad choices GM used in dealing with this issue as well as outline any checks and balances implemented to avoid the perception of a “cover-up.”


Maynard, M. (2014, June 17). As Mary Barra Returns To D.C., Can GM’s Culture Really Change? Forbes. Retrieved from…

Stout, H., Vlassic, B., Ivory, D., & Ruiz, R. (2014, March 24). General Motors Misled Grieving Families on a Lethal Flaw. The New York Times. Retrieved from:…

Question 2:

As you reflect on this week’s lecture, describe the learning process in your organization. Does it take into account the varying generations? What does it do to capture learning and knowledge? What can your organization do to ensure future learning? Respond to two classmates’ posts.

Student Reply 3: Laura Lawson

· -As you reflect on this week’s lecture, describe the learning process in your organization.

My current organization is one of the leading car insurance companies which operates within the United States, and it’s territories. My organization is a learning organization. According to this week’s lecture, a learning organization acquires and manages knowledge. Being a leading company, the organization has to stay ahead of legal concerns as well as ethical concerns. We also have a firm company culture, and the employees hold the organization to the standards we expect to receive as customers. There are many learning processes within the organization, which include government-mandated classes and licensing; the company required training, ethical training such as diversity and inclusion, and free education for career development.

· -Does it take into account the varying generations?

The company does not have a difference in training for different generations. However, it does take into account any personal accommodation that may be asked for due to learning style differences or due to medical needs.

· -What does it do to capture learning and knowledge?

The company uses a variety of resources to accumulate knowledge. By accessing claims data, risk models, state reporting, public records, each state department of insurance, customer feedback, employee feedback, and legal documentation, the company accumulates the knowledge and compiles it into guidelines for consultants to use. Some of this proprietary information entered into computer programs utilized by the company, organized into a classroom or online training programs, or entered into a database reference system for consultants to read.

· -What can your organization do to ensure future learning?

To continue to ensure future learning, my organization must keep up with the knowledge. As Bierema (2014) stated, information is readily available anywhere, making it impossible to keep pace. However, in this profession, we must keep pace. The company needs to stay ahead of regulations for multiple aspects and ensure they are providing legal and ethical services, as well as staying true to the company culture.

Bierema, L. (2014). An introduction to organizational development. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Question 3:

You have been hired as a consultant (to your current organization, previous organization, or a fictional organization). Describe and analyze a human resource/organizational problem(s) and recommend an organizational development strategy (ies). Provide a rationale as to why you think this approach will help. This will require a practitioner analysis of the organizational problem of interest and an academic literature review of similar organizational problems and organizational development strategy (ies) that you believe will be most beneficial in solving the problem. Also, provide an evaluation plan for the proposed intervention(s).

The plan should have the following headings:

  • Problem Identification
    • Description of the organization
    • Context of the problem:
      • How do you know it’s a problem?
      • Specifically what is the problem (select from list below)?
        • Turnover
        • Job Satisfaction
        • Diversity
        • Performance Appraisals
        • Downsizing
        • Training & Development
  • Needs Assessment and Diagnosis
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis
  • Proposed Organization Development Interventions/Strategy(ies)
    • Required resources
    • Timeline
    • Anticipated resistance
    • Potential benefit(s), i.e. cost savings
  • Suggested Evaluation Approach
  • Summary/Conclusions

This final assignment should be 8 to 10 pages in length (not including the title and reference pages). You must use at least five scholarly sources and format your paper according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Attahced) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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