The Essay should be 500 words.

the article is attached with the requirement

use word that we use in regular conversation, and there is worry if you use some formal word. Not too formal, though.

* An analysis essay begins with a short summary which concludes with YOUR thesis statement. This is NOT the same as the thesis statement of the article you are analyzing, Readers are interested in YOUR Interpretation /judgment/conclusions.

* The rest of your essay supports your thesis statement, and draws directly from the article with paraphrases and direct quotes from the article. which you use to support your ideas.

* Your thesis can be any ideas that you draw from the article. For example students reading the article “Big Box Stores Are Bad for Main Street” may have very different reactions to it. we know that Emilia Sanchez, the student writer in the book, felt that the article was based on emotions and not economic reality. Here are some other possible analyses of the same article:

1. Big Box stores should not all be lumped together in the same category, as they are separate businesses, each with their own policies and priorities.

2. The author has over-looked the benefits of Big Box stores for employment and revitalization of small towns.

3. The economic reality is that tax-breaks and other incentives are a part of doing business in America, and Big Box stores and employers are not the only ones to benefit.

4. Big Box stores provide not only an economic, but a social boost to cities

5. Big Box stores are destroying the American way of life by limiting social interactions and preventing small-town local consumers and government officials to decide on the direction their towns will take.

6. Big Box stores are part of a larger conspiracy for foreigners to take over the United States.

7. The convenience of Big Box stores outweighs the romantic (sentimental) notion of our lifestyles in modern times.

As you can see. there can be many interpretations of the same article. Your job is to show the reader what YOU feel about it and explain WHY you feel that way, using evidence from the article to support your thesis.

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