Dear writer,

I have to make a reply to both of the discussions listed below, by separate, with at least 100 words each. Please include at least one reference no older than 5 years.

Response 1

I am assessing a 33 year old hispanic female admitted to a medical/surgical unit. Her diagnoses are HTN, obesity, and depression. This pt is divorced and has four children ages 4 to 15. She is currently unemployed and receives governmental assistance. She has no health insurance and speaks little english. Her religion is catholic.

For her I would use Roy’s Adaptation Theory and Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Deficit Theory. This woman is divorced, losing the support of her husband. She sees herself alone caring for four children. She does not speak english well thus making it difficult for her to find a good job or even learning a new career. She is on government assistance which is, of course, not enough to give her children a decent quality of life.

Using Roy’s theory, I can assess how she is coping with her environmental changes, in her case the divorce, and how she is coping with said changes, and how is this affecting her health. Divorce is an extremely stressful occurrence specially for a woman having custody of four children. In this case, it appears that she is not coping well and has resulted in her health declining. It would lead me to investigate if she has any family support or if she is aware of any other support groups available to her.

Using Dorothea’s Theory I would investigate how she perceives her own self. I her case its obvious she is not taking good care of herself. She might be extremely overwhelmed. I could then start by encouraging her to commit to a medication regimen ordered by the physician to maintain her HTN under control and other ways to bring her self esteem up. I could suggest to her an exercise routine and changes in her diet. I could also refer her to a nutritionist for advice. Something she could even do at home all while caring for her children.

Response 2

While assessing a newly admitted Hispanic descent admitted to the medical-surgical unit I would use the Bowens Family Theory as well as Madeleine Leininger’s theory. I chose Madeleine Leininger’s theory because I believe to provide the best nursing care possible you have to see your patient as a whole not just treating their illnesses. For example, according to Leininger to provide the best care possible the nurse has to include the patient’s cultural beliefs and their faith system. The patient is a Catholic Hispanic and this patient may have many different spiritual believes and customs that she would like to practice while being hospitalized due to her newly diagnosed Hypertension, Obesity, and Depression. Furthermore, I believe Bowens Family Theory best matches this scenario. According to Bowen, the togetherness force takes responsibility to the patients over all well-being which provides happiness and comfort. Although this patient has been newly diagnosed with different illnesses her children will provide the best emotional support the patient needs. As a Hispanic, we like our family members to be there for us and provide us with care and comfort to have a good emotional stability. These two theories come together as a whole to provide the patient with the best care possible which shows how cultural beliefs and family emotional support can correlate with each other. As a nurse I would provide culturally sensitive care by incorporating the patient’s religious beliefs and provide emotional care by giving the patient quality time with her children. Also, due to the patient being unemployed and having no health insurance I would help the patient locate nearby free clinics that can help the patient get proper health care through health screenings and blood pressure checks and well as providing education on healthy lifestyle changes and proper way to measure her Blood Pressure.

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