Cultural Influences on Well-Being

The United States vs. India

20 points

Due October 29, 2019

Follow the steps below to complete this assignment. The written assignment is to be approximately five pages long (double spaced) and will cover all aspects of each of the areas below.

Send outline of the paper first

The writing style, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics will be assessed. APA style referencing must be used to identify the sources used to write the paper.

Headings may be used and must reflect APA heading style.

Research and use textbook or online sources to gather information to address the following questions in a written paper.

  • Compare and contrast the United States and India in regards to four of the following areas: Mention at least one area that is similar and one that is different between the countries in each area listed.
  • Discuss three ways in which Indian culture, beliefs, and practices have affected health care in the United States.
  • Consider how your choices regarding health and well-being may be affected by your knowledge of those aspects of the United States and Indian cultures noted above.







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