For this assignment, you will need to select a human services organization: community based, nonprofit, faith based or public sector organization. Then, develop, describe, and analyze a logic model (LM) for a specific program/service with a corresponding performance/outcome measurement plan. The focus of the LM must be a program / intervention that actively engages the target population of the organization whose outcome is a behavioral and/or change of condition.

There are two parts to the assignment, which are discussed in detail in the next sections.

Part(1) A written a 5-7 page outcomes measurement plan paper. Be sure to use in APA 6 style including a cover sheet and reference page in addition to your 5-7 pages

PaRt(2.) A completed logic model

NOTE: For your final logic model to be submitted Week 7, you need a minimum of THREE statements for each part of the logic model.

Here is an example demonstrating how the outcomes, indicators, and method of collection align:

If my program outcome is to increase the hourly wage of low-income workers in the City of Philadelphia by 50%, then the following sections of my Logic Model would be:

Short-term outcome: Increase hourly wage by 50% within 6 months of program completion

Long-term outcome: Raise economic status above the poverty line for 60% of program participants within 5 years

Indicator: for both my short and long-term outcome, the data point (indicator) that I will measure to determine if I achieved those outcomes is: hourly wage or the salary.

Method of Collection: the method of collection is the means by which you will collect the data/indicator. In this case, the method of collection would be: paystubs

Resources for Assignment:

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