This was a whole “semester” assignment …..

This was my grade for the first try :

Grading Guide

The population, it’s importance, size, and reason for needing help are all clearly determined. Unacceptable 0-10 | Acceptable 11-20
16 0 – 20 Your proposed target population is acceptable; however, you still need to provide demographic data depicting the size and scope of the population. You can get this info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Chronic Disease Surveillance System. Please include this information with your Week 5 agency memo assignment submission.
Available interventions
Available interventions and supporting research have been found and clearly identified. Unacceptable 0-10 | Acceptable 11-20
15 0 – 20 I see from your summary statement here that the three interventions you identified are psychotherapy, change in physical situation, and drug therapy. Your description of the three interventions was a little disjinted. Please fashion your response in accordance with the three are you identify at the end of this section of the assignment. Be sure to provide a brief description of how each intervention works in actual practice. Submit this info with your Week 5 agency memo assignment.
Evidence for intervention use
Initial thoughts on best interventions are clearly articulated. Unacceptable 0-10 | Acceptable 11-20
13 0 – 20 The discussion here must match the three interventions you identify in the previous step. The information you provide should be taken directly from the evidence-informed studies you used to identify the three available interventions. Be sure that you include specific information from each study that addressed the efficacy or effectiveness of each intervention.
Recommendation for intervention
Initial recommendation of recommended intervention is clearly articulated. Unacceptable 0-10 | Acceptable 11-20
20 0 – 20 This grade is a placekeeper only as this information was not required for the Week 3 agency memo project.
Single subject design
Ideas for the desired change and proof of intervention effectiveness are clearly articulated. Unacceptable 0-10 | Acceptable 11-20
20 0 – 20 This grade is a placekeeper only as this information was not required for the Week 3 agency memo

This was for my second try:

Memo clearly & concisely identifies the problem with a clear connections to the population’s need. Unacceptable 0-3 | Emerging 4-7 | Proficient 8-11 | Exemplary 12-15
12 0 – 15 You still did not provide statistics on the numbers of people with end-stage renal disease in the country as well as the demographic characteristics of this group (e.g., age and race). Please include this information with your Week 7 submission. No change in grade from Week 3 warranted.
Available Interventions
Memo clearly, and distinctly summarizes plausible potential interventions. Unacceptable 0-3 | Emerging 4-7 | Proficient 8-11 | Exemplary 12-15
13 0 – 15 Revision acknowledged and laegely accepted. Please clarify what you mean by “physical treatment” and provide that information with your Week 7 submission.
Intervention Evaluations
Memo discusses 2+ intervention evaluations providing thorough critiques of evaluation research methods. Unacceptable 0-3 | Emerging 4-7 | Proficient 8-11 | Exemplary 12-15
13 0 – 15 Revision acknowledged. The grade here reflects a holistic assessment and will remain the same for Week 7.
Memo recommends one intervention with clear support by research evidence. Unacceptable 0-3 | Emerging 4-7 | Proficient 8-11 | Exemplary 12-15
11 0 – 15 You mentionned several possible interventions in your response to the recommendation section of the assignment, but did not settle on one of them, which is required for your single-subject study. Please selec t the best interv ention out of the available interventions you identified and include that as your recommendation in your Week 7 response.
Single Subject Design
Memo completely articulates all aspects of a single-subject design: methods, data collection, and measure. Unacceptable 0-3 | Emerging 4-7 | Proficient 8-11 | Exemplary 12-15
5 0 – 15 You did not follow the instructions for completing the single-subject study included in the guidance I emailed to students. Please review this information and follow the suggested format for completing your single-subjevct study. Don’t forget to address each of the outcome scenarios (worst case, best case, mixed results) as well as include a separate graph for each of the tree scenarios. This information should be submitted with your Week 7 response. Partial credit awarded.
Use in Practice
As a whole, the memo’s quality, logic and thoroughness show it to be completely acceptable for professional use. Unacceptable 0-2 | Emerging 3-4 | Proficient 5-7 | Exemplary 8-10
7 0 – 10 This grade is subject to change based on your revisions to the single-subject study.
Evidence of Learning
The memo is a clear application of full and significant understanding of course concepts. Unacceptable 0-1 | Emerging 2-2 | Proficient 3-3 | Exemplary 4-5
3 0 – 5 This grade is subject to change based on your revisions to the single-subject study.
Writing Quality
Memo has fewer than 2 spelling or grammar errors; uses a professional tone throughout; incorporates clearly relevant citations. Unacceptable 0-2 | Emerging 3-4 | Proficient 5-7 | Exemplary 8-10
8.5 0 – 10 This grade will remain the same for Week 7.

This is the assignment : Final

WK7 Assignment – Agency Memo – Final


In this assignment you will be crafting a memo detailing your recommendations for an intervention to use with a client population and developing a single subject design for testing your recommended intervention in a social work setting. The memo should be of professional quality. In other words, it should pass as a document that a master level social worker would provide to a supervisor in practice.



The memo should be between two to three pages single spaced and should be formatted as a memo (a sample format is provided). The memo will detail:

  • the scope of the population/issue;
  • various interventions to improve an aspect of the population/issue;
  • an evaluation of the existing evidence to support the use of each intervention;
  • recommendations on which intervention to choose; and
  • a plan for evaluating the use of the intervention using single subject design within an agency.


The final of the memo is due in the final week of the course (see syllabus). The final is
45% of the Agency Memo assignment grade.

  • The Final must also be completed using the Memo Template form and follow the Memo Structure section below.
  • The final should include/address all Outline and Draft feedback from your instructor.

Memo Structure

Your memo should follow the organization below and should include subheadings.


You should detail the scope of your population/issue by citing statistics detailing your population and why it is important to assist the population. This section:

  • sets the stage for your entire memo by laying out for your supervisor why your agency should address the needs of your selected population;
  • must be fact based and should contain citations rather than your opinions;
  • should also be short in comparison to the rest of the memo. For example, if you had selected adults with disabilities and wanted to focus on their vocational needs, you would state how many adults have disabilities. You would then document the challenges of adults with disabilities in finding jobs.

Available Interventions

You should detail various interventions that have been used to improve an aspect of the population/issue. Depending on your topic, you may have many interventions that can be grouped together in a summary or you may have one or two standard interventions that are used. Briefly describe the interventions. Appropriate descriptions may include whether:

  • the intervention is considered evidence-based;
  • the intervention has been tested on various demographic groups (children, non-English speakers, etc);
  • what the intervention purports to change in a client population (improve depression, decrease teen pregnancy, etc.);
  • specialized training is required; and/or 5) the intervention is free to use.

Evidence for Intervention Use

Select two of the most promising interventions and describe in more detail how they have been evaluated to demonstrate evidence that they will work with your client population. Explain how the interventions have been implemented and why researchers have suggested that they are effective.

Recommendation for Intervention

Based on everything you have written above, suggest to your supervisor which recommendation you feel will work best at your agency. This section should be brief in relation to the other sections.

Single Subject Design

Now that you have selected an intervention, design a single subject evaluation that you can use in your practice to evaluate your intervention. Describe a validated measure that you will use to change the target behavior of your client. Describe data collection and potential limitations of your design.

Topic and Group Selection

In the first week of class, you will select one of the five topics: foster care, child maltreatment prevention, substance use treatment, mental health treatment or teen pregnancy prevention. Using this topic, you will begin to search for an intervention that can successfully be used with the population. You can adjust your topic selection to narrow down your population and issue. For instance, if you choose foster care, you have the leeway to narrow your memo topic down to youth aging out of foster care who need jobs.

Based on your topic selection, you will be assigned to a group of students who also selected the same topic. However, this is not a group assignment. The group is a learning community where you will have the opportunity to answer discussion posts related to your topic and engage with your peers also working on your topic. Although you are strongly encouraged to collaborate with your group, you are responsible for writing your own memo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: There are already five people signed up for my topic. Can I still choose it?
A: Topics are first come, first serve. The groups are limited to five people to ensure there are the right amount of people in all groups to create an educational experience for everyone.

Q: Can I change my topic?
A: After the first week, you need to stick with the topic you have chosen. This class is only eight weeks so there is no time to start over. The discussion posts after the first week will direct you to work with your group.

Q: Does my group write a paper or just me?
A: As the directions state, the “group” is really a learning community where you can collaborate with your peers. You are responsible for your own paper.

Q: How many citations do I need?
A: In professional work, the number of citations is not as important as the quality and appropriate use of citations. You need enough citations to adequately cite the statements you make in the memo.

Q: Can I go over the page limit?
A: High quality memos should be 2-3 pages single spaced. In professional work, you have to be able to write concisely for a supervisor who will not have time to read a long report. Practice being brief.

Tips for success

  • This is a semester long project that must be taken seriously in order for you to pass this class.
  • This assignment cannot be completed overnight.
  • Many of the discussion posts actually direct you to information and decisions that must be made in relation to your memo.
  • While the page limit is only 2-3 pages, to concisely consolidate such a large amount of information requires you to truly understand the articles you are reading.
  • Your learning community can be a great asset to share information.


MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT – individuals with end-stage renal disease who have been on dialysis for a long time and who are experiencing severe depression (problem or issue here is severe depression).

The documents (HW that I did in which they where already graded is attached)

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