Advanced Analytics – Theory and Methods

  • Study the learning materials “Advanced Analytics – Theory and Methods.
  • Find the included “Data Set” under this week’s content “grades_km_input.csv
  • Using R, find the optimum number of clusters “K” by using “Elbows” algorithm.
  • Find and display the students’ Cluster Means for English, Math and Science.
  • Discuss the results.
  • Using above data set and the K-mean value, which you have identified, work on the following two tasks:
  • Plot and display the clusters for the high school students as they appear on page 126 and 127 of the textbook (find attached doc). You may use the same code in the textbook to plot the data.
  • Discuss using your own words the impact of changing K value on the data sets used in this Lab. Read section (4.2.4 Diagnostics ) from the textbook (find attached doc).
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