Review the Effective Adult Learning Toolkit (PDF), (Links to an external site.) along with Chapter 32 of the Brauer text, and the following three Professional Safety articles from the ERAU Hunt Library.

Pick an occupational safety or health training topic. Review the applicable OSHA regulation or military standard for training requirements and training content. Decide how you might best present training for this topic (lecture, toolbox, demonstration, hands on, simulation, or a combination).

  1. . Develop a lesson plan to include:
    1. Statement of Purpose (describe why this training is needed)
    2. Audience (describe who the participants are and their level of experience)
    3. Instructional Approach (describe the method of instruction, such as lecture, toolbox, demonstration, hands on, simulation, etc. or a combination. Include a description of learning aids to be used, such as handouts, videos, case studies, demonstrations, etc. and include a stepwise process if more than one method or aid is to be used.)
    4. Learning Objectives (identify at least four appropriate and applicable learning objectives)
    5. Method of Assessment (identify how you will assess competency for each of the learning objectives)
  2. Using the principles of learning and adult learning concepts, in at least 500 words, explain why you have selected the instructional approach, learning objectives, and method of assessment for the topic you have chosen, and why these selections will appropriately verify that the training recipient can comprehend and apply the learning outcomes in the workplace.

Use whatever format you like for the lesson plan – it does not need to be double spaced nor does it require references and citations. It may be a standalone document that you may find useful to use at your place of employment. However, for the explanation in Part 2 of the assignment, full APA format is required (excluding abstract and table of contents, which are not required).

Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.

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