I need week 8 attachment corrected and week 9 turned in after the corrections have been made NOT ALL ATTACHED FILES MAYBE NEEDED Query 5: Your Design is correct but your query 4 is wrong. When testing your query 5, I was prompted asking for an input of Multiple. I had no idea what you wanted. It seems that this is a result of your query 4. Your expression in query 4 (Discounted Cost: [Base Cost]-[Multiple]) is wrong. It should be: Discounted Cost: ([sngQuantityOrdered]*[curlistPrice])-([sngdiscount]*([sngQuantityOrdered]*[curlistPrice])) using your field names. You need to repeat the calculation you cited for the Base Cost again in your calculation for the Discounted Cost. (-5) Query 6: You need to test your queries. If you were to test your query you would see that nothing was returned. You are to use Leszynski Notation. (-2) Clicking on your query, there were no records returned. You did not specify the table for your concatentionation of the Sales Reps. You have the correct expression BUT you also have to specify that the fields were from the tblSalesRep. (-2) You need the relationship between tblSalesRep.SalesRepID and tblCustomer.strSalesRepID. As I mentioned in my feedback in week 5 “When you have a field in a table that is a primary field in another table (your new Sales Rep table) and your tables are normalized, then you need to create a relationship between the two fields. (-2) Your relationship between tblContacts.ContactID and tblTerritories.TerritoryCode is incorrect. The Contact’s ID is not the same data as the Territory Code. You should have a relationship between tblCustomer.CustomerTerritory (the territory value) and tblTerritories.TerritoryCode (the territory value). Just creating this relationship will not work because you will have a mismatch of data. You have the CustomerTerritory data type as Short Text and the Territory Code in tblTerritories as Numnber. They MUST be the same Data Type. (-5) Once you correct the Data Types and create the correct relationship you should get a result to your query. Your concatenation expression is good. Query 7: When testing your query I received an error message when I entered the Start Date. The message stated that the expression was typed incorrectly or too complex to handle. This is because you have the [Enter the product description:] in the Customer ID field in the tblOrders. The description for the product is not found in the Customer ID field but is found in the tblProducts in the Description field. You need to enter a prompt in the field/table where the data is found. (-3) Your expression [Enter the start date:] does not allow for a range of dates to be entered. In order to specify a range of date to be entered by the user you need the Between And in your expression. Between [Start Date] And [End Date] (-5) You were to Document the query so it is visible in the Navigation Panel. In order for this to be displayed to the user without the user having to do anything you need to set the View By to Details. Review Week 7 – Documenting the database. (-2) Query 8: Append – there where to be just 3 records in the tblArchiveInactive. MMB Holdings , DePalma, and Cameron Best should be Active. Fix your data. Design is correct. Delete : Design is correct. Fix the data mentioned above. Query 9: Good

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